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Estonia   Churches
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Lutheran Church of the Holy Cross in Audru
Address: Tõstamaa maantee 5, Audru, Pärnumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 44 64 022
Send e-mailärnumaa
A church with bright white cornices and window soffits; the tower rebuilt in 1715. A stained-glass choir window with heraldics of the families Pilar von Pilhau and Ungern-Sternberg (1892). An arboretum with interesting plants next to the church. Built: 1680.
St Elizabeth’s Lutheran Church in Pärnu
Address: Nikolai 22, Pärnu, Pärnumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 44 31 381
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Eliisabeti kirik
The Baroque church is named after the Russian Empress Elizabeth (architect Joachim Hinrich Güterbock, tower built by Johann Heinrich Wülbern) and was extended in 1893. Pseudo-Gothic altar and pulpit (1850); the altar painting “The Resurrection” comes from Rotterdam (1854). Built: 1750.
Halliste kirik
Address: Pornuse, Halliste, Viljandimaa
map Location
Tel: +372 534 13394
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St Matthias’ Lutheran Church in Harju-Madise
Address: Madise, Padise, Harjumaa
map Location
St Matthias’ Lutheran Church in Harju-Madise. Built: XV-XVIII. The high tower of this well-maintained church on the coast serves as a lighthouse for the Pakri Bay. Above the pulpit (1784) a carved sun disc that has often been mistaken for the helm of a ship. Altar triptych from 1631.
St Michael´s Lutheran Church in Häädemeeste
Address: Pärnu maantee 34, Häädemeeste, Pärnumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 5340 0832
Send e-mailärnumaa
A neo-Historical church (architect Matthias von Holst) with colourful stone walls and a flcche (1892). The altar painting ”Save me, O Lord” (Allan Ramsay, 1881) brought from London. Built: 1874.
St John’s Lutheran Church in Tallinn
Address: Vabaduse väljak 1, Tallinn, Harjumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 644 6206
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Jaani kirik
A pseudo-Gothic church in the heart of Tallinn (architect Christian August Gabler). The altarpiece ”Christ on the Cross” (Karl Wenig). The oldest tower bell with Estonian writing in Tallinn (1872), modern stained-glass windows. Built 1867.
Charles XI Lutheran Church in Tallinn
Address: Toompea 10, Tallinn, Harjumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 6119100
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A grand neo-Historical church named after the Swedish king Karl XI (architect Otto Pius Hippius). On the apse is Johann Köler´s famous fresco ”Come to me” (1879). A big organ (Walcker & Co, 1923). The oldest tower bell is a gift from King Karl XI (1696). Built 1870.
St Nicholas Orthodox Church in Kihnu
Address: Linaküla, Kihnu, Pärnumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 446 9704
Built 1862. Groomed and well looked after sanctum of a small island.
St Lawrence Lutheran Church in Kuressaare
Address: Tallinna 13, Kuressaare, Saaremaa
map Location
Laurentiuse kirik
A neo-Classical church with original interior. The church serves as the depository for a unique medieval baptismal font from Anseküla church. New stained-glass windows painted in gold (artist Urmo Raus, 2003). Built: 1733, 1836.
St Michael’s Lutheran Church in Mihkli
Address: Mihkli, Koonga, Pärnumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 564 0300
The ancient church of Soontagana has a west tower (1781) and a 19th century pseudo-Gothic interior. The bell was made in Stockholm in 1684, and was buried for 28 years after the last war. Built: XIII.
Mustvee Püha Nikolai apostlik-õigeusu kirik
Address: Tartu 14, Mustvee, Jõgevamaa
map Location
Tel: +372 5550 9060
Oleviste Church in Tallinn
Address: Lai 50, Tallinn, Harjumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 641 2241
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The church, named after the Norwegian king St Olaf, has the highest steeple in Estonia (123.7 m). Also the vaults in this church are very high (the nave is 31 m high). The church had its present look and size by the 16th century. From this church began the Reformation in Tallinn (1524) and the Historicism in Estonian church interior design after the fire of 1830. Built: XIV-XIX.
St Nicholas’ Orthodox Church
Address: Lossi 8, Kuressaare, Saaremaa
map Location
Nikolai kirik
Ancient trees shade the late classical Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas with its two cupolas, built in 1790. Houses from the same period have also been preserved on other streets of the old town.
Lutheran Church of Holy Spirit in Tallinn
Address: Pühavaimu 2, Tallinn, Harjumaa
map Location
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The smallest among the medieval churches in Tallinn is situated near the Town Hall Square and has a rich collection of art work. An important winged altar (Berndt Notke, a master from Lübeck, 1483), a Renaissance pulpit (1597), galleries with Baroque carvings and paintings (Elert Thiele, XVII), a great number of old paintings and lights, modern stained-glass windows. Built: XIII/XIV.
Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord
Address: Aia 5, Pärnu, Pärnumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 44 43 532
Send e-mailärnu
An Estonian Orthodox Church in the Old Russian style (architect Vladimir Lunski, master builder K. Klein). The initiator of the building process was a member of the national movement, archpriest Mihkel Suigussar. Icons, mural paintings depicting stories from the New Testament (1927). Built: 1904.
St James’ Lutheran Church in Pärnu-Jaagupi
Address: Kirikumõis, Pärnu-Jaagupi, Pärnumaa
map Location
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The youngest medieval church in Estonia, the west tower added in 1888 (spire from 1907, architect Rudolf von Engelhardt). A carved baroque pulpit (Elert Thiele), the altarpiece “Christ on the Cross” (Ants Laikmaa’s copy of the painting of the Eduard von Gebhardt, 1900). Built: 1534, XIX.
Risti kirik
Address: Harju-Risti, Padise, Harjumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 55 649 256
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59.23068574971016, 23.99859674232789
Lutheran Cathedral of Blessed Virgin Mary in Tallinn
Address: Toom-Kooli 6, Tallinn, Harjumaa
map Location
Tel: +372 644 4140
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The oldest church on the Estonian mainland has served as a cathedral dedicated to Virgin Mary from 1240 onwards. Medieval tomb stones and monuments from the Renaissance to the 19th century. A rich and important collection of Baroque coats of arms (Christian Ackermann). An impressive Baroque reredos and a Baroque pulpit with figures of the apostles (both by Christian Ackermann). The date 1779 on the weather vane shows the year the Baroque spire was made. Built XIII-XVIII.
Türi Püha Martini kirik
Address: Wiedemanni 7, Türi, Järvamaa
map Location
Tel: +372 387 8330, Fax: +372 387 8330
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Valjala Church
Address: Valjala, Valjala, Saaremaa
map Location
Built: XIII-XIV. The oldest medieval country church in Estonia. A Romanesque west portal with a round arch and a heavy baptismal font. Mural decorations from the early years of the church. Pieces of ancient trapezium-shaped tomb stones in the tower wall (XVII).

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