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Estonian Museum of Natural History, Lai 29a, Tallinn, Harjumaa
Estonian Museum of Natural History
Address: Lai 29a, Tallinn, Harjumaa
Tel: +372 641 1739
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The Estonian Museum of Natural History is a state institution in the area of government of the Ministry of the Environment and has the status of a national museum. Having been founded as the Provincial Museum of the Estonian Literary Society in 1842, it has been operating as an independent museum since 1941. The Museum of Natural History operates pursuant to the Museums Act passed in 1996 (RT (State Gazette) 1996, 83, 1487) and the Statutes of the Estonian Museum of Natural History (Regulation No. 57 of 29 July 2005 of the Minister of Environment). The museum is housed in two buildings. The building at Lai Street 29A houses the exhibition halls, storage rooms for geological collections, the photo collection and office rooms of both the administration and the departments of geology and nature education. The building at Toompuiestee 26 is the location of the remaining collections and office rooms of the departments of botany, entomology and zoology. The total space at the disposal of the museum amounts to appr. 1000 m2. The further development of the museum will greatly depend on the amount of space available to the museum. We envisage the future of the museum in considerably more spacious premises, where the visitor can obtain a much more complete overview of the diversity of Estonia's natural wealth, where attractive exhibitions of environmental protection, general biological issues, world nature, etc. would be housed, and where it would be possible to create conditions also for the disabled, as these conditions are currently not in place in the museum.

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