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Estonian Sport Museum, Rüütli 15, Tartu, Tartumaa
Estonian Sport Museum
Address: Rüütli 15, Tartu, Tartumaa
Tel: +372 730 0750
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Sports Museum of Estonia is the central museum of Estonian sports, sport culture and sport history. Sports Museum of Estonia is one of the biggest sports museums of the Nordic countries and Baltic States. The aim of the museum is to collect, preserve, study and introduce materials related to the history of Estonian athletics and sport. Today the museum acts as a diverse cultural centre, which organises exhibitions, seminars, conferences, publishes materials and organises activities for children. Today’s Sports Museum functions as a versatile centre of culture. The interactive permanent display “Hortus Athleticus” provides opportunities for self-education and entertainment to the most different target groups – from toddlers and tourists to serious sports fans. In addition, the museum also organises seminars, conferences, art exhibitions and various children’s activities and issues publications.

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